The evolution of a project in glass and photography



New phone number

Hey everyone, just wanted to let those of you who have my older business cards and contact information, that the phone number has been changed.
You can now reach Worlds Within Glass and Ladybug Glass Studio at Nine two zero-366-six four six zero.
Getting ready to head off to Appleton for Art at the Park, Sunday's art fair. You will also find me at ArtStreet in Green Bay, Aug 23-25!

New Portfolio Pages Added

After quite a few crazy months, I am trying to get back on track with new glass, photos and Photoshop manipulated images.  Check out the new Portfolio pages that show more of my photos than most have seen.  I have included a second page of Mirrored images that are pretty fun.  Hopefully, there will be more in the very near future!


Fun with Photoshop

world and folds©.jpg

Another cold day, so it the idea of staying in and playing with Photoshop sounded pretty good.  Wanting to apply to a competition, “Same but Different” I needed to figure out how to make a diptych in Photoshop.  Now, I can show the original glass world and the photos that come from it.  Above right is the eight inch disk and on the left is Folds at the Edge of the Sun, which you can just make out at the very bottom of the disk.  This world has a lot more to it, so I will have to make a few more combo pieces.  Now, on to some more same but different pieces.