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Circle Prints!

I had been wanting to do some prints as circles and finally did right before my first show in a very long time, Arti Gras in Green Bay.  The standard circular prints on paper looked pretty neat, so I ordered some on aluminum.  Of course they didn’t show up until after the show :(.  But, the paper circles caught the interest of an art buying committee from a local technical college and they ordered three large metal circles.  They just arrived and I can see more circular prints in the future!

ice cave 2 circle ©

ice cave world circle ©1

pinks and yellows ©



Finally back to posting

ice cave worldtcThe worlds have been evolving.

I started this blog over a year ago, but then was so busy creating glass and photos that I haven’t been back since.  Well, it is time to get going again.  In the last year I have had one gallery show at The Flying Pig Gallery and Greenspace in Algoma, WI and have another scheduled for September at The Meadows Gallery in Sister Bay, WI.  I guess you could say the photos have been well received.  The photos are also now in a gallery in Sturgeon Bay, WI – The Greco Gallery, which is a wonderful co-op place with wonderful artwork and artists.  Below are a few images, hope you enjoy them!

My Heart Stays Hidden ©2